Fake or real? In this way, the truth of AirPods will be known in minutes

Fake or real? In this way, the truth of AirPods will be known in minutes

According to a recent report, Apple may lose about $ 3.2 billion (about Rs 23,875 crore) only in 2021 due to fake AirPods, so it is essential to know whether you are using fake AirPods or not.

Apple recently issued a statement saying that due to fake AirPods, it may have to face a loss of about Rs 23,875 crore. 

According to the report of The Information, Apple may lose about $ 3.2 billion (about Rs 23,875 crore) in 2021 only due to fake AirPods. Identifying the real one can be complicated with so many fake versions of the world's most popular AirPods.

In such a situation, if you also have these popular truly wireless earbuds or are planning to buy them, today we will tell you some such ways by which you can easily identify which AirPods you are using, real or fake. 

So let's know the step-by-step process to identify fake and real AirPods.

How to check on your iPhone and iPad?

If you want to detect fake AirPods, you can easily identify them from your iPhone and iPad. First, go to Settings and tap on Bluetooth.

- Here, you will find your listed AirPods. Tap on the 'i' information button next to the name of the AirPods.

- After this, you will see the model number. Now here, you can identify the original AirPods by the model number. Apple gives different model numbers for different types of AirPods. Here are the model numbers of these AirPod.

- AirPods Max model number A2096 which has been introduced in 2020.

- The model number of AirPods Pro is A2084, A2083 which was introduced in 2019.

- AirPods (2nd generation) have model numbers is A2032 and A2031, which is introduced in 2019.

- AirPods (1st generation) model numbers are A1523 and A1722, which were introduced in 2017.

Recognize by looking at AirPods

If for some reason, you can't see the model number on your iPhone or iPad, you can check by going to AirPods. 

You can see the model number in the first line of the printed text inside the AirPods. Apart from this, it will be visible under the left cushion of AirPod Max. 

By adopting these two methods, you can identify whether Airpod is real and fake.

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