How to take Manual Backup of WordPress on SiteGround Hosting?

Hey Guys, Welcome to another new blog and today's article is for SiteGround Users. So here, we are going to teach you about how to take a manual backup of WordPress on SiteGround Hosting.

How to take Manual Backup of WordPress on SiteGround Hosting?

Now, if you don't know about SiteGround, SiteGound is one of the most popular Web Hosting companies out there.

They are also recommended by official along with Bluehost and DreamHost.

Unfortunately, SiteGround does not allow users from many countries including India and a lot of South-East Asian Countries.

But if you are from Europe or the US you should definitely check out SiteGround.

The Hosting Quality is amazing. They have one of the most amazing support out there and their tech is one of the best out there for the money that they are charging.

Anyways, I believe you're already a user of SiteGround or planning to use SiteGround in the future this article is for you to understand - how you can take backup of SiteGround for your Website.

So, the first thing you would be doing is go to your SiteGround account login and click on websites and here you click on a website you want to take backup next click site tool.

SiteGround account login and click on websites then clicks on site tools

So in this case, I'm selecting a website and clicking site tools and here you will see this option on the left side called Security click on that and click on backups.

SiteGround manual backup

So by default, the system takes one backup every day which you can always restore. 

If you need to or doing something you know manually like, for example manually updating your website, updating the PHP version of your website or doing a theme upgrade you can take a manual backup.

So, here I'm taking a manual backup and let's name it PHP-upgrade and there are five manual backup slots available.

wordpress website backup

So, Let's click on create, now it should take a few seconds or minutes depending upon the size of your website. 

backup website

The SiteGround manual backup will create a backup of your existing website and then you can make all the changes on your website.

Now, while they are doing it let me show why I'm doing this. So, I have a website that is running the PHP version of 5.6 which is quite old.

upgrade php server

The latest version is 7.4 and that is what I'm going to do. Maybe I'll write another article after this on how to upgrade the PHP version on SiteGround. 

So, this will take its own time like maybe a few minutes and I hope this article has helped you to learn how to take a manual backup of WordPress on SiteGround.

If you have my question feel free to ask me in the comment section, I will see you in the next blog bye-bye.

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