Why you should start Email Marketing for Affiliate Marketing Right Now and Best Tools?

Why You should start Email Marketing for Affiliate Marketing Right Now and Best Tools?

Here we are going to learn why email marketing is important and how to do email marketing and the best email marketing tools for the beginner. 

Learn step by step the importance of the squeeze page, bridge page, or email marketing tools.

Hey there welcome back again, once again I welcome you to the new blog on email marketing. 

Here in this blog, we will talk about why email marketing is very important, why you should do email marketing and how email marketing can give you a lot of money in the backend which is not visible to all most important parts.

We will also introduce you to a couple of email marketing tools the one which I'm using and the one which could be the best or alternative to the one which I am already using.

So this blog will be very important for you if you wanted to make money in affiliate marketing blogging or digital marketing make sure you consider read this blog.

Why Email Marketing is truly important?

Why You should start Email Marketing for Affiliate Marketing Right Now and Best Tools?

So as in the above image, You can see a flow diagram in which end-to-end will display and explain why email marketing is important.

So there are a couple of things you have to  understand:

Whenever you are promoting anything on the internet maybe that's why the Facebook ad or the google ad, if you are sending that traffic directly to that product page you cannot track what exactly happened with that particular user or traffic.

But instead of you will grab a certain identity or contact detail from that user probably you can communicate with the same user again and again by sending some images and that's the importance of email marketing.

So here you can see on the image that there are a couple of sources such as the traffic coming from Facebook, Google Adword, or Instagram if in all the cases this is your product on which you wanted to make a sale. 

What happens is if you will drive this traffic directly to affiliate products, what happens is that user will come to this page maybe you will or may not like it and in all the cases you will lose the importance of whatever the money you have spent on the particular traffic.

So why can't we grab this particular traffic at someplace to which you communicate later and remember guys as per the study had according to the study has been already done more than six to seven times.

If you will showcase a product to a single product that will likely convert into the sale.

On the first time or the first go, no one will buy any product, and that's why you will send your traffic the first time to your page.

Maybe ten to five percent converted rest ninety-five percent of the traffic will be wasted.

Because they came to know about this offer the first time, then if you will showcase that offer five to six times more there are chances that 95 percent might get converted and that's why we use email marketing.

What is email marketing?

In this case, Instead of this affiliate offer, we will drive that traffic to a page that will actually take their email id once.

What is Email Marketing?

The user will enter the email daily then it will go to another page on that particular page you will explain the product.

If your user is happy with that they will go and purchase that product and if not happy obviously you have taken their email.

So that email is actually been captured inside your email marketing tool remember our everything has been changed since we were born.

But the only thing which is yet not changed for more than 95 percent of people is their email address.

So once you have that email id now going forward for the next 30, 50, or 60 days you can send them as many emails as you want.

All the time, you can not only promote a single product but you can promote multiple products and that will be even free.

You don't have to invest anything in the traffic and that's the importance of email marketing.

So it is obvious that whatever you will put such additional pages in between your conversion or maybe the number of users will be reaching to your affiliate offer will be less.

But whatever the user has done obtained probably they are the one who is likely to convert because who is not giving you their email-id how that user can be helpful for you.

It's nowhere going to buy anything even if that user will reach the affiliate offer. 

Right, so that is what the important, we have to capture the email now there are a couple of three tools which you needed to set up this whole system.

There are a couple of Three Tools for Email Marketing:

1) Squeeze Page

2) Bridge Page 

3) Affiliate Offer 

Squeeze And Bridge Page

A "Squeeze Page" is a landing page designed to capture opt-in email addresses from potential subscribers. The goal of a squeeze page is to convince, influence, or otherwise ”squeeze” a visitor into providing one of their most desired after and convert lots of email-id.

Squeeze Page and Bridge Page

There is one thing that is very important that is how exactly you design these two pages because most of the time you are investing your money at this front end.

But if your pages are not likely to convert not grabbing the user's attention then obviously you will lose that money and that's why if you wanted to trust fully through ready-made templates with proper designing patterns and a lot of learning then I would highly suggest the click funnel.

If you go for click funnel, there you will get a 14 days free trial then after you can continue with 97 $ plan.

But only go with this if you wanted to become a serious affiliate marketer or if you already have a thing in place but you wanted to scale it then go with click funnel.

If you want to look for a free solution that designed those pages then you can go with the grow funnel. 

I have shown you how to design the page, How exactly you can get this free access everything I have given the link below you can go with it.

So now let's go to the third important part which is email marketing. 

Email Marketing

For email marketing and as far as I know email marketing is one of the most expensive tools in the digital marketing industry.

So there is a couple of email marketing tool.

So let me tell you which tool I personally using and which one you have to use to start your digital marketing journey or this email automation journey.

Get Response Email List

So you can see this is my own account I'm personally using Get Response for the past four and half months at the moment.

At the moment I have more than 100+ leads in my account, around 10 to 100 email opt-in I have done and that's what I'm able to communicate with this user and this converting very well.

So I personally using email marketing, I personally using get a response but for you, as a beginner, there are a couple of options are available in the market.

So let's talk about the get response, In this case, guys you will get a 30 days free trial the link has given below.

If you go through GetResponse you will get 30 days free trial then after you have to purchase the minimum plan of 15$ for around a thousand subscribers. 

Get response 30 days Free Trail

So if you have a thousand people on your list then you have to keep paying 15 $ per month then after as soon as the number of subscribers will increase you have to increase your plan.

So that is their basic plan but as a beginner, if you want to save your money just want to test or try email marketing you are not that much serious in the beginning point probably you can start with the Mailer Lite.

In the Mailer Lite, with up to a thousand subscribers, your charges will be 100% free you don't have to pay anything.

But then after even if you will go with the thousand subscriber plan with unlimited email automation you must be keeping only 10 $ as compared to 15 $ in the get response.

But there is some challenge, if you will go with the Mailer Lite it is not that easy to get approval from the Mailer Lite because their free plan will ask you about your business justification.

You must have a solid justification to get approved for the free plan, otherwise, the next possible solution will be 10 $.

get response

I personally using Get Response there are many reasons behind it and that's why you can make your own choices either you can go with the Mailer Lite or can go with the Get Response.

Get Response will give you a 30 days trial instant account access you don't have to wait for the approval but in the case of Mailer Lite once you will apply it will go for approval you will just get a response back maybe accepted may be rejected.

So that's all up to you which one you wanted to go with there are a couple of other email marketing tools available in the market.

1) Active Campaign 

2) Mail Chimp  

Mail Chimp is offering around 2000 subscribers for dollar zero but no one or very rare people are using Mail Chimp. Most of the people you will find either using Mailer Lite, Get Response, or Active Campaign. 

Active Campaign is not suitable for the beginner because at the beginning itself there is no such free account no such trail everything you have to start with 9 $ per month plan.

So obviously as a beginner, you must have two possible options either go with the Get Response or Mailer Lite.

GetResponse vs Mailer Lite

I will provide all the links below that will be an affiliate link. if you will use my link it will not cost you something extra but give a little support to our site.

Groove Funnel: Click Here

Get Response: Click Here

I hope guys this article has helpful for you. Obviously, I've explained to you why email marketing is important. 

It is actually to convert more sales in the backend if your user is not converting at the first point and remember guys all types of traffic will be temporary traffic.

But once you will be having an email list of the users you can drive your traffic as much as you want.

I hope guys this article has added some values to you this is so and want me to share more videos on email marketing want to compare to an email marketing tool, how to do email marketing make sure you provide comment in the comment box. 

I would love to write an article in the future as well thank you very much for being part of the site hope to see you in the future blogs.


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