Apart from vitamin C and D, Zinc is also important in enhancing and maintaining immunity

Apart from vitamin C and D, Zinc is also important in enhancing and maintaining immunity

To avoid corona infection, it is very important at this time to nourish the body and keep your immunity strong. So to increase immunity, the body really needs to talk about them.

Since the introduction of Covid-19 last year, there was talk and discussion about immunity everywhere. And people are also aware of increasing immunity. Every remedy that they are trying to do, such as diet, exercise and getting proper sleep. But with this, if you follow the simple formula of 'Z + A + C + D = immunity' to increase immunity, then it will become easier to increase immunity and keep it maintained. There is also evidence that the lack of micronutrients like zinc, vitamins A, C, and D in the body can spoil the normal immune system and the person is vulnerable to not only Covid-19 but other infectious diseases like this Can come.


Zinc helps protect the human body by inhibiting the entry of the virus while maintaining the integrity of the tissue. In addition, zinc is known to inhibit viral replication. The coronavirus is highly dependent on host cell metabolism. In such cases, when zinc restricts viral activity, it prevents the fusion of the virus with the host cell. This micronutrient also has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties that make the virus vulnerable, thereby preventing complications of a serious nature such as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) seen in severe patients.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps to make immunity strong. This micronutrient is known to have a protective role in the pathogenesis of ARDS, one of the more serious complications seen in critically ill Covid-19 patients. Vitamin A is believed to be responsible for building antibody immunity.

Vitamin C

The most basic function of vitamin C is to ensure anti-oxidation, which in turn increases the activity and function of immune cells. In Covid-19 patients, lowering the white blood cell count is a common indicator of weakened immunity. Thus, this micronutrient deficiency may increase the risk of infection, increasing the risk of complications such as viral respiratory problems and pneumonia. High doses of vitamin C inhibit the explosion of cytokines in Covid-19 patients by increasing immunomodulatory properties. Vitamin C also reduces lung inflammation and injury due to ROS released by phagocytes.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a steroid prohormone that acts as an immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory anti-fibrotic, and antioxidant. Vitamin D can help in many ways to prevent ARDS, acute lung injury (ALI), and other respiratory diseases, which are the primary causes of severity in COVID-19 patients. This vitamin helps in producing natural antibiotics which are first in line to protect against virus attack. Additionally, it is also known to upregulate angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), which inhibits the production of angiopoietin-2 (ANG2), which is responsible for causing inflammation and cytotoxic explosions.

With a steady increase in coronavirus cases, it is imperative to understand the true nutritional requirements of the body. Micronutrients play an important role in maintaining immune function healthy and protecting against infections such as covid-19. These deficiencies have been observed in high-risk groups susceptible to Covid-19. As such, our daily diet should have adequate micronutrient supplementation, although it should be consumed only in consultation with a doctor or nutritionist. So, let's beat it with Z, A, C, D!

(Based on a conversation with Dr. JC Mohan, Senior Interventional Cardiologist and Chairman - Institute of Heart and Vascular Diseases, Jaipur Golden Hospital)

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