Google Meet introduced Special Tool to Improve Online Teaching

Now, children and teachers will get better facilities in Google Meet during online teaching.

For this, Google Meet has introduced a very special tool that will help increase safety and engagement during online teaching.

Children are still taking online classes due to corona infection and the Google Meet app is practicing for this.

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Teachers are also taking unit tests along with giving classes to their students according to their timetable. In this way, the Google Meet app has added new tools to improve online education.

Which will make online education more secure. Now the teachers will be able to end all calls simultaneously after the end of the meeting on Google Meet.

Whereas still, students remain connected in the room even after the teacher is left with the call.

Google Meet is also going to bring mute all features in the coming days to improve online education.

Jennifer Meat, Product Manager of Google Meet, says that "Sometimes it is necessary to study without interruption and that's why we are going to come up with many such features in the coming months to make the study safe and easy." Students who mute themselves will be able to control the host.

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Also in the coming months, teachers will have access to those tablets and mobile phones that use to take online classes.

Also, users who attend the meeting will be able to share the chat or screen of iOS and Android devices.

Many more new features will continue to Google Classroom and Google Meet by the end of this year.

Google Meet will now include only teachers and students after the meetings begin in the classroom.

Google Meet

Teachers will also know who is on the class roster and who is not. Here the teachers will have some default rights to host the meeting.

When there is more load in the class, then the teachers will be able to manage the load with the help of other teachers.

Google Meet: Meetings that begin in the classroom later this year will support multiple hosts.

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