Instagram has added a rich feature, now you can see deleted post

Today we are going to explain Instagram's new featurenow you can also see deleted posts.

With Instagram's new feature, users will now be able to view deleted posts. Now users can also recover the deleted messages. 

Instagram's new Feature will be going to become a focal point for many users. This Feature is very worthy and a choice for users.

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Instagram has introduced wondrous focus. This new feature will not enable you to view removed posts, but you can reinstall that posts as per the user requirement.

Note: Instagram stories are deleted within 24 hours, and you can restore them within 30 days if you wish.

But once the new feature arrives, users won't have to wait 30 days for this, but in 24 hours, you'll be able to repost the stories.

Instagram has provided information regarding the unique feature on its blog and said that users will now be able to see deleted posts after the new update. You can restore them too.

Currently, Feature is not rolled out for everyone. But gradually, this feature will be made available to all users.

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Instagram New Feature will work this way

Instagram has provided information on the blog that New feature is very easy to use. This feature will work for photos, videos, reels, including IGTV videos.

If you also want to view or restore deleted stories and posts. You have to go to the settings of the Instagram application. Where you will find the account option.

After clicking on the account option, you will see the recently deleted option, and then you will see the deleted post.

You do not have to wait 30 days for this. With the new update feature, you will be able to restore all deleted posts which are related to your memories.

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