China's Type 99A or India's T-99, whose tank is more better?

We are going to discuss China's Type 99A or India's T-99, whose tank will be heavy on the battlefield?, Talking about speed, the Type 99a is ahead of the Indian Tank.

Chinese Tank is capable of running at a speed of 50 miles/hour and Indian tanks from 42 to 45 miles/hour. The tension in East Ladakh on the India-China border is increasing instead of decreasing.

China's Type 99A or India's T-99, whose tank will be better?, India, China, border

China has now deployed Type 99a Tank in the hills of Karakoram. China has deployed these tanks at an altitude of 5 thousand meters.

According to the Chinese media Global Times, Type 99A is China's most dangerous weapon. Its firepower and armor capability is no match. It will be faced with the T-90 Tank of India.

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China's Type 99A or India's T-99, whose tank is better?

Experts in China, do not consider Type 99A tanks as capable in hilly areas and oxygen-deficient areas. Although this tank is very powerful. In case of war, if a type 15 light tank needs help then type 99A can come in handy.

Other experts say, this tank is of the third generation and has used deadly ammunition, large shelling cannon, an excellent fire system, an advanced electronic system.

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Weight of the Chinese tank is more?

The Type 99A tank is similar to the T-72 in Russia and the Leppard 2 tank in Germany. It was first inducted into the army in 2001.

If you compare it with India's T-90 tank, then China's tank is heavier in terms of weight. The Type 99A weighs 57 tonnes while the T-90 weighs 48 tonnes, but this feature makes the Indian tank more capable for hilly areas.

125 mm cannon has been used in both. Both anti-tank missiles can fire. They can also target high-range targets and also low-flying aircraft.

Experts say, a new infrared tracking system has been used in Chinese tanks, it can target the enemy better than the T90.

The rail system has been used in the Indian tank T-90. This can prevent anti-tank missiles.

At the same time, China's tank is equipped with a laser warning system. Whenever it is targeted with a laser, it will send its information to the tank commander.

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Indian tank defense is better?

The T-90 tank uses a Shatora Active Protection System for rescue which throws a smoke grenade to block the laser and stop it.

Speaking of speed, the Type 99A is ahead of the Indian tank. Chinese tank is capable of running 50 miles/hour and the Indian tank can run at a speed of 42 to 45 miles/hour.

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This was all about, China's Type 99A or India's T-99, whose tank will be better?.

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