This country will not be able to search any information on Google, find out why

Google announced on Friday that it would completely shut down its search function in Search Australia.

"If the country's government goes a wicked further on the media code, we will shut down the search engine altogether," Google said.

The media code states that, if a small company shares its content, Facebook Inc. will have to pay these local companies.

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Australia is going to pass some legislation that would allow large tech companies to pay smaller publishers and broadcasters for their content.

In the end, the government will decide if publishers and broadcasters cannot choose their price.

Explain that if this code is converted into law, Google will place a complete ban on its search option in Search Australia.

The Australian government said in its law last month that, in an investigation, we have found that Google and social media giant Facebook have a lot of market power in the media industry.

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Government is in Risk

The government further said that having such power of both could prove to be a threat to democracy in the near future.

In such a situation, the U.S. The government told the Australian government this week that they should withdraw their law and instead they should bring in a voluntary code.

Google threatened the Australian government at a time when the internet giant had already reached a content payment deal with a French news publisher.

"Google poses no threat to those who value democratic values," said Peter Lewis, director of the Australia Institute Center for Responsible Technologies.

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