Big Shock 35 million people Cheated on Amazon and Swiggy

The payment service provider has confirmed that in August 2020, many people leaked their data. The platform provides trans line broadcasts for companies such as Amazon and Swiggy. As a result of this data leak, the personal information and card details of three and a half crore people have been leaked. 

Due to this, the masked card data and card fingerprints of roughly 3.5 crore people were leaked. Mask data is used for display.

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The leak came to light when internet security researcher Rajasekhara Rajahariya revealed the data being sold on the Dark Web on social media. Rajahariya told the Times of India that a stranger was selling the database online with the help of a telegram.

On August 18, 2020, the company received some changes to its data stores, A User said, The old AWS key access key allowed them access. After using multiple system resources on the data store, an automated system alert was seen. Seeing this, our main team tried to stop him. 

The corporation said in its blog that the hack was ended at the entry point.

Data of 3.5 crore users was Leaked

People say that because of this, around 3.5. Masked card data and fingerprints of crores of people were leaked. 

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Masked data is used for show and no transaction can be arranged with its help. A User Answers "There is no negative problem for clients because we have marketed everything". Our job continued to inform the dealers as soon as possible. 

We gave them the API key where they were finally informed that they were safe.

Estimates Data Leaked After 5 Months

Please note that this data has been leaked after about 5 months. Dark Web is a server that we cannot reach with the help of search engines. This requires a special tool. A User says "We don’t store users CVVs and PINs". 

According to the payment industry, these masked numbers are completely useless and pose no threat to them. But by decrypting this data, fraudsters can launch phishing attacks.


Let us know that if you make a payment in India, then you will get a two-factor authentication facility, but this facility is not available on international cards at present. 

In such a scenario, the RBI asked customers to use different international cards from users transacting through different channels.

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