Learn Fun Facts About Mobile World, Most Apps Installed By Indians

Indians are focusing on many new application categories. This includes health and fitness gaming and entertainment apps

From January 2020 to April 2020, the use of entertainment applications increased by 22%.

India has a large mobile user base. In the era of Covid-19, India Mobile has emerged as the leading country with the first consumer economy

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This is stated in the report of InMobi's annual Mobile Marketing Handbook 2021. This report reveals many interesting facts about Indian mobile users. 

According to the report, Indians are focusing on many new app categories. These include health and fitness, sports, and recreation

Also, people are very fond of short video making apps. Between January 2020 and April 2020, the use of entertainment applications increased by 22%, OTT subscriptions by 47%.

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Interesting facts about Mobile

During Covid-19, the number of new Internet users worldwide increased by about 321 million in the year 2020. Speaking of using the same app, in the year 2020, about 143 billion dollars have been spent on the App Store worldwide.

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Indians install the most mobile apps in the world. Indians account for 14 percent of total mobile app downloads.

In April 2020, an average of 4.2 hours was spent on mobile. This is an increase of 37% compared to the year 2019. India ranks second in the list of countries spending the most time on mobile.

Online gaming has seen an increase of 368 percent in arcade gamers, while casual games have seen a 198 percent increase and casino games 160 percent.

Indians spend 40 minutes a day watching Short Video Content.

The Indian mobile gaming industry has also grown significantly in the year 2020. One in 10 players from around the world is from India. 

Moreover, India has emerged as a top mobile gaming market in the Asia Pacific region. During the epidemic in India, on average, most games were played online every month.

According to InMobi Report, Gaming is popular among people aged 45 to 54 in India as well as among the youth.

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